Financial Services

  • Collection and allocation all of assessment and funds

  • Work with Association to prepare yearly budget

  • Work with Accountant to prepare and file year end financial reports

  • Provide the Board with complete monthly financial statements which includes:

Balance Sheet

Cash disbursement

General Ledger

Comparison with actual budget

Income distribution report

Delinquency follow-up

Operating statement

Accounts Payable

Revenues and check listing

Delinquency list and report

  • Reconcile and balance all monthly bank statements

  • Process and deposit all maintenance and special assessment payments

  • Process all late payments including late fees, liens and foreclosures according to Association policy

  • Oversee all delinquencies in the appropriate manner

Process all accounts payable as follows:

Payment of invoices including verification of all receipts and amounts

Preparation of checks and mailing to vendors

Maintaining accounts payable files

Sample Financials for Board of Directors